Thursday, December 19, 2013

Culture Full / Cultura Llena

Coming to Miami, FL (U.S.A.) I realized that there are many parts of the world that make me remember of where I come from, there’s so many similarities between my Peruvian culture and the cultures of other people, some could be from Colombia, Mexico and even Native Americans but I have discovered that this places and these countries in reality they are my brothers because they have a past that is connected with my forefathers. When I think in our roots I always go to what we used to appreciate the most, when I focus in the history I can see the mystic that these cultures have, the love for the earth, our believes, our strengths and our gratefulness for what we have around us. I wanted to put bits of information that could actually make a person not necessarily from Peru but from other country to have a sense of culture, a sense that these photos might come from a certain country, which they do but I wanted to make a connection between these countries and also I wanted to show the things that we are close to and what we believe in as brothers and sisters of this world and not   just an specific past or country because we are all connected in a certain way.

Portraits II

These images contain something melancholic, inquisitive, sadistic as well as something beautiful- just as humans are. I wanted to place the subjects in a space that wouldn't overpower them - creating an isolation that only thrives in the raw aspects of the body and face that an individual has without knowing the exact feelings of the person.